Thursday, September 27, 2018

Day 3 Humboldt ~ Allison

Woot woot... Day three got underway. The previous days didn't get off to such a smooth start but this one had promising signs. The wind was in our favor and we were only a little bit off of highway 3 when we camped. 

It was the coldest night of camping I have ever experienced. We showed up late the night before, threw our tent up and headed for the showers. The shower house was really nice. That is such a blessing after a long day of riding. When we got back to the tent it was time to pull out all the warm clothes and extra blankets and try to sleep! We survived. 

When we got into Humboldt there was a detour as they were replacing a bridge. No worries though, a great train track trail was right there. 

It was crazy because the bridge I show at the end of the video was crossing the road we needed to take!

We got down and headed back out to highway 3.

It was beautiful, again. 

I honestly cannot remember what town this was! 

The wind was at our backs and we were sailing!

We crossed Interstate 35 today. I guess that means we are in the middle? It was really interesting getting to the other side actually. The cars were a lot less forgiving. Throughout the trip we have been smiled at, waved at and encouraged along. After I35 there were a number of angry honks and people yelling out their windows within the first 10 miles. It was a bit discouraging and scary at times. 

So let's talk about this picture. Google Maps shows a bike path that is gravel covered for 10+ miles that will actually lead us to our campground towards the end! How great would that be, no more cars and it leads us right to our campsite?! Well, we looked forward to the peace and quiet of a train track trail and this is what we got. After driving a mile or so off Highway 3 on gravel towards this trail, we found it in need of a lot of work. The first part looked as if they had just pulled the railroad ties. Golf ball size rocks all over. We committed to taking it for one mile and at a couple points it seemed a bit better but for me most part large rocks, large holes from animals all over, and at one point it was so sandy we were sinking in.YUCK! Very frustrating after a pretty good day of riding.  We were fortunate that nothing broke and there were no wrecks on our one mile stretch. Google Maps and me are at odds for the moment.

Sharon is all business.

All in all we made it to the end. An important piece of information is that our giving went from $400 to just under $2,000! Thank you all for being a part of this with us. We appreciate you.

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