Thursday, September 27, 2018

Day 2 crossing Iowa

Cherokee to Humboldt, Iowa!

After a great nights rest we were up scrambling to get our gear packed before the downpour came! It came! We had just gotten everything down to an "indoor picnic area" and it poured.

Rain makes it easier to write the blog I guess.

We were unable to hit the road till just before noon.

We took this photo to show Jeff (the guy that gave us the ride the night before) that we were alive and ready to GO GO GO!

There was no paved shoulder to ride on but the wind was definitely in our favor!

We were following the rain. For the most part the roads were dry.

We found some wind makers! Actually, we stopped in the middle of several of these and listened to the sound they make. It was kinda eerie! 

Weird picture of me, but the big deal here was the sun. It was 5:02 PM and the sun was making its first appearance for the day!

Iowa is beautiful.

We were so excited see continued sunlight as the clouds rolled away. 

Sharon getting some photos.

Just outside of Pocahontas, Iowa we came across a detour. Detours on bicycles are scary. This one could have been worse but only resulted in heading one mile south and then 3 miles on gravel which we can do although gravel is not our favorite with all the weight on the bikes.

You just started... how can you quit so soon?

Wait for it...

Because we left so late at we ended up riding into the dark. We've never done this before. We each have lights on the back of our bikes and the traffic was not bad at all. If ever there was a road I wanted to ride into the night on it was this one.

This picture is unimpressive, but the moon rose right in front of us. It was so huge that it seemed like it would fall at the top of the hill and role down on us! Best moon rising I've ever seen. 

The day was great, harder than it needed to be but we made it to our campsite before 9 PM. We enjoyed amazing showers and settled in for a very cold night. 

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