Thursday, October 25, 2018

Day 5 (Sharon)

(Sharon) Day 5. The last day of the ride. I've struggled with how much detail to write about. The previous night was rough. The morning was rough. It was so cold. We had issues. But we hopped on our bikes and hobbled (ok, WE didn't hobble, I hobbled) the first 15 miles until my butt was "used" to the saddle again. I say used in quotes because at some point you start praying for your butt to go numb. I've said it many times and I'll say it again. Almost anyone's legs can take them across a state in a short amount of time, but their butt can't.

This was the day that we needed encouragement and that encouragement came in the form of the most precious video from Pedro Juan, a couple of the teachers and several of the kids at The Center in Santiago! It was just what we needed to give us a good kick in the pants to get it done. We stopped at The 4-Square Restaurant in a tiny town about 30 miles from Dubuque for cheeseburgers. Believe me, we've learned our lesson in not skimping on the meat. The farmers there for lunch weren't accustomed to seeing people in skin-tight pants and we got a couple of questions and more than a few stares, but we got our cheeseburgers! 

Roadkill Report for day 5...
There were a lot of dead moles in one area about 30 miles in
many, many frogs
5 birds 
4 possums
1 skunk
1 cat
The road got busier the closer to Dubuque we got, so the Roadkill Report took a back burner. There were an awful lot of birds circling overhead throughout the ride on day 5, so there were either a lot of dead animals along the way, or I was in worse shape than I thought! 

Thank you so much for all of the support, likes on Facebook, encouraging texts and messages. We know The Center will use the money raised to reach more kids and their families for Jesus. 

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